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SynLube™ Lube‑4‑Life® saves MONEY!

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Here is how & why:

Consider this:

The average service life of a typical light duty vehicle is:
120,000 to 128,000 miles or about 12 years. [1]

If you are using Petroleum Motor Oil and change it every 3,000 miles or every 3 months your engine will most likely last that long.

The "classical" Motor Oil change interval of "every 3,000 miles or every 3 months" has been recommended by Auto Mechanics, and the Oil Industry, and especially by the "Fast Lube" outfits, for many years.

Typical oil change costs from $19.00 to $45.00. [2]

Needless to say as the cost of Petroleum Crude rises, so does the Price of Lube/Oil/Filter (LOF).

Even the price of average basic, low-cost LOF increased more than $1.50 to $29.58 from 2011 to 2012 at Fast Lube shops.

Over the life of the vehicle you will change the oil about 40 to 48 times.

You will spend about $1,200.00 to $1,500 on oil; oil filters and labor costs to change your oil!

That is up to $1,500 of your money:

WASTED on oil changes!

Is there a solution to all this WASTE ?

Yes, there is:

SynLube™ Lube‑4‑Life®

"The FIRST Oil you do NOT Change"

Can You afford SynLube™ Lube‑4‑Life® in your Vehicle ?

One Liter (1.05 U.S. Quart) of SynLube™ Lube‑4‑Life® INITIAL FILL Formula has a Retail Price of $32.00 and most light duty vehicles use about 4 to 5 Liters (Quarts), however even at that Price you will still save Money!

Here is how & why:

Consider you will need this for a typical INITIAL INSTALLATION:

Description Quantity US Retail Price
Initial Fill Motor Oil 5 Liters $32.00 $ 160.00
MicroGlass Motor Oil Filter 1 Filter $30.00 $   30.00
UniMag Filter Magnet 1 Unit $65.00 $   65.00
Installation Labor $16.00 $   16.00

All internal combustion engines will consume some motor oil during operation. If you change motor oil frequently, this small amount may go unnoticed.

But if you never change oil, as with SynLube™ Lube‑4‑Life® you will have to check the oil level periodically, and add oil if necessary to restore proper oil level.

The SynLube™ Lube‑4‑Life® ADD OIL is uniquely formulated and designed solely for this purpose, also it is less expensive than the INITIAL FILL Formula, and it costs only $20.00 per Liter

Motor Oil consumption, just like fuel consumption, depends on many factors.

Typically, a small imported high-performance multi-valve high-revving engines will consume more oil (on average Liter per 6,000 miles), than large slow revving American made V-8s, such as those in Light Trucks
(on average Liter per 10,000 miles).

Many NEW 2006 and later vehicles have oil consumption as low as 30,000 miles or more per Liter of ADD Oil.

Assuming the worst case; a vehicle that is driven hard and is in not a perfect condition, let's say the oil consumption is on the high end at about Liter per 6,000 miles.

Over 120,000 miles you will need at most 19 Liters of ADD Oil @ $20.00 per Liter = $380.00

Your Total Cost is now $380.00 + 271.00 = $651.00
(and that is a very high estimate; most of SynLube Customers spend less than $500 !!!)

Cost per mile: $651.00 / 120,000 = $0.005425

About a half of a penny per mile !

... or about a half of what you are already paying right NOW ...

for conventional Petroleum Motor Oil !

But there is MORE ...

Typical vehicle equipped with SynLube™ Lube‑4‑Life® will save over 5% on Fuel.

Assuming current National average of 22.5 MPG for you vehicle, you will use 5,334 Gallons of Fuel to drive 120,000 miles.

Unfortunately price for a Gallon of gasoline changes at most locations in USA on a daily basis, so in effect nobody can reliably predict the exact amount of Money you will save on fuel.

However, here are some "historical" as well as "future estimate" data, which will give you some idea what the potential saving with SynLube™ Lube‑4‑Life® over the "useful life" of your vehicle can be:

US National
average Price
per Gallon*
average Price
per Gallon*
US National
Annual Mileage*
US National
US National
Fuel Cost
US National
Projected "life"
Fuel Cost**
Projected "life"
Saving with
2007 $2.979 $3.299 15,000 20.7 $2,158.70 $22,018.70 $1,100.93
2008 $3.159 $3.879 15,000 21.6 $2,193.75 $22,376.25 $1,118.81
2009 $2.499 $2.799 15,000 22.2 $1,688.51 $17,222.84 $   861.14
2010 $2.889 $3.279 15,000 22.5 $1,926.00 $19,645.20 $   982.26
2011 $3.700 $3.879 15,000 22.4 $2,477.68 $25,272.32 $1,263.62
2012 $3.799 $4.139 15,000 22.6 $2,521.46 $25,718.89 $1,285.94
2013 $3.900 $4.250 15,000 22.9 $2,554.59 $26,056.77 $1,302.84
2014 $3.700 $4.040 15,000 22.9 $2,423.58 $26,659.38 $1,332.96

*) = Data used by US EPA for annual Fuel Economy Guide
**) = Calculated from available Data
***) = Data from Ward's Automotive Data Bank
****) = Calculated by SynLube Incorporated using available Data

Based on "historical" data average SynLube Customer has saved over $600 per vehicle on fuel !

But due to current much higher fuel prices and probability that in the future the fuel costs will possibly increase even more the future projected per vehicle saving is currently about $1,300 and potentially as much as $1,500 !


The conclusion is very simple:

You can NOT afford to NOT use ...

SynLube™ Lube‑4‑Life®

... in your vehicle !

All SynLube™ Products are proudly "Made in USA"