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Synthetic Power Steering Fluid

SynLube™ Lube-4-Life® PSF is 100% Synthetic Power Steering Fluid that does not use any Petroleum Base Stock, not even as a Carrier Oil for the Additives.
Sub-micronic colloidal particles provide the unique performance and longevity.
It is the FIRST and still the ONLY Synthetic PSF that does not need to be changed for up to 12 years or 250,000 miles in most vehicle applications.
That's what makes SynLube™ Lube-4-Life® PSF completely different and unique.

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SynLube™  Lube‑4‑Life®

Synthetic PSF

Conventional Power Steering Fluid

Lube‑4‑Life Power Steering Fluid (PSF)

SynLube™ Lube‑4‑Life® UNIVERSAL PSF (Power Steering Fluid) is a 100% synthetic based fluid that has been formulated to suit all power steering systems that require a Dexron® fluid.

SynLube™ Lube‑4‑Life® UNIVERSAL PSF contains enhanced anti-corrosion and anti wear additives to ensure optimum protection. It is an excellent everyday choice for all climatic conditions.

Power steering systems are generally very reliable and failures are rare, so preventative maintenance is often neglected.

Manufacturers rarely mention power steering maintenance in their service schedules.

However a little preventative maintenance goes a long way to ensuring trouble free operation and long service life. Inspections should be carried out at each service.

Fluid level should be checked and the fluid should also be checked for cleanliness.

If the fluid is dirty it should be changed, as dirt and sludge are major threats to smooth operation. Also, drive belts should be checked for condition and correct tension. Pulleys, mounting brackets and hoses should be checked for condition as well.

Power steering systems typically contain only a small volume of lubricating fluid, and that fluid is subjected to quite harsh conditions, particularly heat, moisture and contamination.

Removing original PSF before it is old, dirty and degraded is the only way that will significantly extend the life of the entire power steering system.

Specifications and Technical Ratings:

Exceeds: FORD, GM, HONDA, FIAT, TOYOTA, SUBARU, Mercedes-Benz, DaimlerChrysler, Chrysler and Mitsubishi specifications.

Viscosity Index VI = 210

Minimum Operating Temperature -65°F (-54°C)

Maximum Operating Temperature +520°F (+270°C)

Lubricant Service Life:

(Time/Miles)              12 Years or 250,000 Miles

(System Hours)              6,000 Hours

Used Lubricant Disposal:

(Return to Manufacturer for re-processing)

Hydraulic Pump Wear:

500 (Compared to GM Petroleum Base PSF rated at 100)
Higher Wear number represents longer power steering system life in percent.

Energy Conserving:

7% (Compared to GM Petroleum Base PSF rated at 0%)
Higher Energy Conserving percentage represents greater fuel savings.
Actual saving varies with application because of different system designs.

Product Uses:

SynLube™ Lube‑4‑Life® UNIVERSAL PSF is intended for use in all Automotive, Truck, Bus, Industrial and Agricultural applications in Hydraulic and Power Steering systems where the use of Petroleum or Synthetic PSF or ATF is recommended by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

SynLube™ Lube‑4‑Life® UNIVERSAL PSF can be used in all climatic conditions during all seasons because of its UHVI (Ultra High Viscosity Index) of VI=210.

SynLube™ Lube‑4‑Life® UNIVERSAL PSF is a truly UNIVERSAL PSF because it can be used in all  Hydraulic and Power Steering Systems.

SynLube™ Lube‑4‑Life® UNIVERSAL PSF is NOT designed to be used in following applications:


SynLube™ Lube‑4‑Life® UNIVERSAL PSF (Power Steering Fluid) is available either in:


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