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1998 CRAFTSMAN Lawnmower

lawnmvr6.bmp (230454 bytes)
Lawnmower owned by Star Irvine

Oh YES, you can also use SynLube Lube-4-Life™ Motor Oil   in small engines such as lawnmowers, generators, boat motors, etc.

And of course they will also not require ANY oil changes during their typical service life.

You can contact the owner by e-mail:

GENRAC RV Generator

genrac1.bmp (230454 bytes)
Owner: Ray Anderson, N. Hollwywood, CA
Synner since 11/30/2000 @ 50 hours

bulletSynLube Lube-4-Life™ Motor Oil used in the engine

You can contact the owner by e-mail:

Here are some other "unconventional" uses of SynLube™:


Evaporative Cooler Bearing Blocks
This 24 year old evaporative cooler cage fan bearings were squeaking and noisy, however the exact replacement was no longer available, complete replacement of the unit would have costed over $425.00 plus labor. As a last resort the owner lubricated the Bearing Blocks with "used" SynLube™, and the noise stopped almost immediately, that was back in April 1996.
The bearings are still quiet today in August 2003, with only two re-lubes in May 1999 and June 2003..


Microwave Owen Glass Carrousel Plate
The "carousel" plate in this SHARP microwave owen has three glass hemi-spheres on which this glass plate rides on the plastic interior of the owen. However, as the plate gets hot, the loaded glass "bearings" melt the plastic on which they ride, the plastic "wear" accumulates on the bearings, which in turn causes the carousel plate to stick and skip or even stop rotating. The bearings needed to be cleaned almost every 3 months to keep the plate rotating smoothly. The owner tried number or lubes and greases, but none made much difference after few days of use. Then 4 years ago when his wife absolutely demanded a new owen, he lubed the glass bearings with few drops of SynLube™, the owen still works fine today in June of 2003. This saved him about $200, as well as his marriage!


Mustek Flat Bed Scanner
The MUSTEK 600 CP scanners made in 1998 had a problem with the scanning diode bar sticking to the glass plate, and causing the scanner bar drive belt to skip under increased load. This in turn caused defects in the digital scanned image output. Over 1,000 scanners with this defect were sold by Fry's Electronics in California and Arizona, over 70% of them were returned as defective within the 30 day free return policy.  But one of our customers missed the 30 day limit, so he took the scanner apart, found out that it was the OEM grease that caused the sticking, lubed the scanner LED bar ends with SynLube™ and the scanner worked just fine.
Since he was an enterprising person he figured that other such scanners may have the same problem, and he contacted Fry's Electronic. He found that Fry's had over 113 scanners in just one store that were returned, and since they bought them "as is" from Mustek, they could not return tem, he offered to fix them for $10 each -- Fry's agreed and he made huge profit. He used less than 1/2 quart to fix 734 scanners!

Got some unusual or unconventional uses for SynLube™ ?

Let us know about them and we will post them here, and reward you with a very nice gift. If possible send us a picture or a digital image file.

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