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SynLube™   Lube-4-Life®


SynLube Gear Oil

Product Uses

SynLube™  Lube-4-Life® Gear Lubes  are intended for use in all Automotive, Industrial, Marine, Aviation and Agricultural applications where the use of Petroleum or Synthetic Gear Oil is recommended by the OEM (Original EquipmentManufacturer).

SynLube™  Lube-4-Life® Gear Lubes  can be used in all climatic conditions during all seasons because of their multi-viscosity SAE 70W-90 or SAE 75W-90 rating and an UHVI  (Ultra High Viscosity Index ) of up to VI=190

SynLube™  Lube-4-Life® Gear Lubes  are a truly universal lubricants because they can be used in all Manual shift Transmissions, Gear Boxes, Rear Ends and Differentials.

SynLube™  Lube-4-Life® Gear Lubes  are engineered to permanently replace conventional Petroleum Gear Oil in most severe operating conditions in high performance vehicles, highway vehicles, off-highway and construction vehicles,farm fleets, marine and industrial applications.

SynLube™  Lube-4-Life® Gear Lubes  can be used in all applications where the use of any of the following SAE Viscosity rating is recommended by OEM:

  • SAE 90
  • SAE 80
  • SAE 75W-80
  • SAE 75W-90
  • SAE 70W-90

SynLube™  Lube-4-Life® Gear Lubes  are NOT designed to be used in following applications:

  • DO NOT USE where the use of ATF is specified
  • DO NOT USE in applications where Motor Oil is Required

Key Benefits

  • Outperforms all conventional gear lubricants
  • Maximum protection of hypoid differentials
  • Exceeds requirements of all automotive and truck rear axles
  • Minimizes wear and spalling in racing and high-performance cars
  • Subzero flow down to -50° F (-46° C)
  • Maximum resistance to break-down from heat and extended high speed
  • Excellent limited-slip performance
  • Extended gear & bearing service life
  • Excellent high temperature durability
  • Improved transmission shift feel
  • Reduces gear noise
  • Improves vehicle fuel economy
  • Reduces differential or transmission peak operating temperature
    by up to 50° F (25° C)
  • Long lube service life - up to:
    • 10 years
    • 250,000 miles
    • 5,000 hours

Typical Characteristics

Physical characteristics are listed in the table.
Those not shown as maximum or minimum are typical and may vary slightly.

SynLube™  Lube-4-Life® Gear Lubes   
Product Number 70900
SAE Number 70W-90
Gravity, API 27.0
Flash Point, ASTM D 92,   minimum 175°C (347°F)
Pour Point,degrees,  maximum -46°C (-50°F)
cSt at 40° C
cSt at 100° C
cP at -40° C (-40° F)

Viscosity Index 190

Product Description

SynLube™  Lube-4-Life® Gear Lubes  are a synergetic blend of man-made liquid and solid chemically inert lubricants that are thermally stable from -65°F (-54°C) to over 500°F (260°C). The sub-micronic particles of Graphite, PTFE and MoS2 are colloidally suspended in a mixture of synthetic liquid lubricants.

SynLube™  Lube-4-Life® Gear Lubes  is a 100% fully synthetic, multi-grade, super premium, colloidal Sol lubricant.

SynLube™  Lube-4-Life® Gear Lubes  does not oxidize nor decompose like conventional Petroleum or Synthetic Motor Oils. It can be therefore used, without oil changes, for up to 10 Years / 250,000 Miles or for up to 5,000 Hours of operation.

Product Performance

SynLube™  Lube-4-Life® Gear Lubes  exceed all performance requirements of:

  • API Service GL-5 & GL-6
  • Mack GO-G/S
  • Mack GO-H/S
  • Eaton Roadranger
  • MIL-L-2105D (U.S. Military)
  • Eaton Axle (Bulletin 90-104)
  • Rockwell 0-76-E
  • Dana Axle
  • General Electric D5OE9C
  • Harnischfeger (P&H) 474
  • U.S. Steel  224 Demulsibility
  • AGMA 250.03 Demulsibility
  • NON-HAZARDOUS rating according to OSHA (1910.1200)

Specific Product Uses

SynLube™  Lube-4-Life® MT 

For use in manual shift transmissions, gear boxes and transaxles, as well as in conventional differentials in both 4WD and RWD applications.

SynLube™  Lube-4-Life® RE 

For use only in Rear Axles, conventional differentials in both 4WD and RWD applications.

SynLube™  Lube-4-Life® LSD 

For use only in Limited Slip differentials in RWD applications where special LSD lubricant is required.


Health and Safety

Based on available toxicological information, this product produces no adverse effects on health when properly handled and used. No special precautions are suggested beyond attention to good personal hygiene, including laundering oil-soaked clothing and washing skin-contact areas with soap and water. Also eye protection with suitable protective eyewear is suggested during handling and installation. In case of eye contact flush with plenty of water.


SynLube™  Lube-4-Life® MT  ...for Transmissions is available in:

  • One U.S. Quart [32 Oz.] (.946 Liter) plastic bottle

SynLube™  Lube-4-Life® RE  ...for Rear Ends is available in:

  • One U.S. Quart [32 Oz.] (.946 Liter) plastic bottle

SynLube™  Lube-4-Life® LSD  ...for Limited Slip Differentials is available in:

  • One U.S. Quart [32 Oz.] (.946 Liter)plastic bottle


Description SKU # Price
Transmission Lube (MT) 0-91275-70900 $33.00
Rear End Lube (RE) 0-91275-75900 $32.00
Limited Slip Differential Lube (LSD) 0-91275-70905 $35.00

*) U.S. Retail Price includes FREE shipping by FedEx Ground Service or by USPS Priority Mail.

Fedex Ground

CANADA: FREE shipping by USPS Priority Mail on orders of $100.00 or more.

**Retail Pricing DOES NOT include Handling FEE (Handling is $5.00 per order ) The FLAT Handling Fee covers the cost of packaging (shipping boxes) and of order and Credit Card processing

Europe, Asia, Australia, South America FREE shipping by USPS Economy Air Parcel on orders of $200.00 or more.
Typical delivery time 7 to 15 days.

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