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SynLube™ supplied hydraulic fluid (HF) which is similar to our PSF (Power Steering Fluid) is used by NASA in the Landing Gear System in every Space Shuttle Flight.

SynLube™ has been chosen because of its wide operating temperature range (-70 F to 700 F) high viscosity index (VI=220) and universal compatibility with the seals and materials used in the Landing Gear System components.

Space Shuttle In Space
Orbiting in Space the HF fluid reaches -30 °F to -40 °F

Space Shuttle 30 minutes prior landing

30 minutes before landing the ceramic tile covered bottom is red hot and the HF fluid reaches 375 °F to 425 °F

Space Shuttle landing

Minutes before landing the Landing Gear mechanism powered by the HF which is still at over 275 °F must operate reliably, as there is only ONE chance for safe landing.

Space Shuttle Landing Gear
Detail of the Landing Gear

The Final Space Shuttle Mission: STS-135

Final Landing

Space shuttle Atlantis lands for the final time at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Image credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls

Space shuttle Atlantis lifted off July 8, 2011 on the final flight of the shuttle program, STS-135, a 13-day mission to the International Space Station. Atlantis carried a crew of four and the Raffaello multipurpose logistics module containing supplies and spare parts for the space station. The STS-135 astronauts were Commander Chris Ferguson, Pilot Doug Hurley, and Mission Specialists Sandy Magnus and Rex Walheim.


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