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SynLube™ Lube−4−Life® LONG TERM TESTS

SynLube™ Lube−4−Life® has been used in automotive applications since the first test that has been conducted in 1953.

1953 CITROEN 15 six

The first test car was 1953 Citroen 15 six .

That initial application was used to verify that conventional petroleum Motor Oil could be replaced with SynLube™ .

However due to high cost of the SynLube™, such application was not cost effective or practical for the motoring public.

In 1953 it took over six hours to produce one Liter of the Base Fluids and another 24 to 36 hours to wet mill each of the three types of colloidal particles needed for one Liter of finished SynLube™ Lubricant.

At that time SynLube™ was still in stage of experimental development and the actual cost of production was not even estimated.

1953 Citroen 15 six
1953 CITROEN 15 six

1957 GAZ 21 - Volga

1958 FIAT 600

1957 Volga and 1958 FIAT 600
1957 GAZ 21 - Volga and 1958 FIAT 600

Two more "official" test cars, that were driven 100,000 kilometers (62,000 miles) each, over period of 4 and 5 years, respectively, without any Motor Oil changes.

1964 GAZ - Volga

1964 Volga
1964 GAZ - Volga

The experimental use in the 1953 Citroen 15 six and also in the 1964 GAZ - Volga led to the finalization of SynLube™ Motor Oil formulation for Automotive use.

1966 FIAT 500

1966 Fiat 500
1966 FIAT 500
96,000 km with SynLube™ without Oil Change!

The development was finalized in 1966 at which time a first comparison test was initiated on two brand new 1966 FIAT 500 cars.

One was equipped with Premium AGIP Motor Oil and the other with SynLube™ .

While the AGIP lubricated vehicle had oil changed every 2,500 km (1,550 miles) which was the then recommended service interval for a premium motor oil, the one which was lubricated with SynLube™ never had an oil change, however special version of the SynLube™ (today sold as ADD OIL) was used to replenish the Motor Oil that was used in normal operation.

The SynLube™ Motor Oil during its use was periodically analyzed for Viscosity and Colloidal content, and when necessary the Colloidal balance was restored to the Initial level.

This First "Official" Long Term Test of SynLube™ verified the extra-ordinary performance that was observed in the previous experimental use, and confirmed that it was suitable for the automotive applications and possible commercialization.

The dual FIAT 500 vehicle test also revealed that conventional engine would be without any modifications suitable for up to 3 times longer service than what was normal between then recommended by FIAT General Overhaul, and that it can be achieved with no Motor Oil changes.

Unfortunately, in 1966 due to high cost of the component chemical materials, the typical per vehicle Motor Oil fill was as much or more than the cost of the vehicle, therefore again the use of the SynLube™ in privately owned automobiles was not economically feasible.

In 1969 SynLube Company was established in Vancouver, B.C. CANADA and SynLube™ became commercially available to anyone who wished to purchase it, however due to high cost of SynLube™, the use was usually limited to Military and Space Exploration applications.

The use of SynLube™ was also verified in special applications that were subject to Nuclear Radiation or to strong Ultraviolet exposure, where conventional lubricants failed.

1969 BERTONE Runabout

1969 BERTONE Runabout
1969 BERTONE Runabout

SynLube™ has been used in various prototypes built by BERTONE since 1969. The Runabout was the first such vehicle that utilized SynLube™.

1974 BERTONE Lamborghini BRAVO

1974 Lamborghini BRAVO
1974 BERTONE Lamborghini BRAVO

Yet another famous prototype that was built by BERTONE which also used SynLube™.

The working prototype featured a 3.0L 300 hp (220 kW) V8 that powered the rear wheels through 5-speed transaxle, and underwent nearly 40,000 miles (64,000 km) of testing before it was placed in the BERTONE Museum.

1984 YUGO 45

1984 YUGO 45
1984 YUGO 45
92,000 miles with SynLube™ without Oil Change!

The second SynLube™ Long Term Test was conducted in 1984 on the US version of 1984 YUGO 45 as part of the Emission Certification testing procedure that was required for vehicle sales in California.

This time three vehicles were used for the testing and mileage accumulation, two of which had conventional lubricants, and one completely converted to all SynLube™ Lubricants (SAE 5W-50 Motor Oil & SAE 70W-90 Gear Oil).

This test again verified the ability of SynLube™ to extend the typical service life of the engine by factor of 3, as well as maintain low Exhaust Emission Levels over the "useful life" of the vehicle.

1988 BERTONE Corsa X1/9

1988 BERTONE Corsa X1/9

One of many X1/9's equipped with SynLube™ Lubricants as standard equipment.

The great results obtained in the YUGO testing prompted the use of SynLube™ by BERTONE in all 1985 and latter Model Year BERTONE X1/9 sports cars that were sold in Southern California by MIK AUTOMOTIVE INC.

1989 MORETTI Turbo Uno

SynLube™ has been also used in custom made vehicles manufactured in ITALY by MORETTI since 1989.

1989 MORETTI Turbo Uno
1989 MORETTI Turbo Uno

1988 SKODA Favorit

1988 Skoda Favorit 135 SL
1988 SKODA Favorit
124,000 miles with SynLube™
(Motor Oil changed @ 50,000 and 100,000 miles)

BERTONE also selected the use of SynLube™ in their pre-production prototype testing of the FAVORIT , the first Front-Wheel-Drive car designed by BERTONE for SKODA.

1996 KIA Sephia

1996 KIA Sephia
1996 KIA Sephia
151,145 miles with SynLube™ without Oil Change!

The exceptional performance of has been known to automobile industry insiders for years and in 1995 KIA a new entry to USA, decided that " 10 year or 100,000 mile Warranty" as well as "no-maintenance" could be the differentiation they could use for marketing of their totally unknown vehicles in USA.

While the vehicle testing of SynLube™ in the 1996 KIA Sephia went exceptionally well, unfortunately the KIA company in Korea went bankrupt during the test, and the new "owner" of KIA = HYUNDAI, decided to not only keep the "10 year or 100,000 mile Warranty" but also extend it to it's own HYUNDAI vehicles, however also decided that the novel "no-maintenance" idea was too risky for them.

Prior the Long Term Test of SynLube™ in the 1996 KIA Sephia the longest recommended Oil Change interval for SynLube was 5-years or 50,000-miles which was confirmed by over 12 years of experience with use of SynLube™ in BERTONE X1/9 and other vehicles.

The questions that were posed to SynLube by KIA engineers was: "How Long can you go WITHOUT Oil Change?" and "What will happen if the SynLube™ Motor Oil is NOT Changed at 50,000-mile interval?"

Well, we did not know and MIROX Corporation in 1996 conducted the Long Term Test for KIA Motors.

The Long Term Test answered both questions, however, the people who asked them were no longer employed by the now bankrupt KIA.

The new "owner" that assumed control of KIA under the direction of Korean Government - HYUNDAI, had no interest in SynLube™ or the test car or the test results.

The 1996 KIA Sephia test car is now part of the SynLube™ vehicle collection which is stored in our SynLube Museum.

2001 FORD Crown Victoria

2001 FORD Crown Victoria
2001 FORD Crown Victoria
84,245 miles with SynLube™ without Oil Change!

In 2000 as a part of the "Green Movement" FORD expressed interest in the possible use of SynLube™ in the POLICE INTERCEPTOR version of the Crown Victoria.

The questions that were posed to SynLube by FORD engineers were: "How does it affect Emissions?" and "How does it affect Fuel Economy?" .

Well again, we did not know and after almost one year of test planning MIROX Corporation and AAA conducted the Long Term Test for FORD , which answered both questions, however, the people who asked them were no longer employed by the now the " new" lean FORD, and the new CEO that assumed control of FORD, reportedly had no interest in SynLube™ or the test car or the test results.

The 2001 FORD Crown Victoria was acquired from the AAA Test Lab and was driven for another few years by our Southern California SynLube Distributor and eventually traded-in under the 2009 CARS "clunker" program for a 2010 FORD Transit Connect.

The cars fuel economy during the Long Term Test was constantly monitored by the staff of Automobile Club owned Automotive Research Center in Diamond Bar, California.

The fuel economy remained unchanged throughout the test at 19-MPG City & 32-MPG Highway.

Vehicle's environmental impact was also substantially reduced, not only because no used waste oil was generated, but also because exhaust emission levels even at 100,000 total odo miles were still maintained well below the levels required for new 2001 model vehicles.

This fact was verified by performance of several emission tests as specified in Code of Federal Regulations section 40 Part 86 and part 600, immediately before and after SynLube™ Lube4Life® products installation (16,532 miles and 16,996 miles respectively) as well at 49,126; 74,021 and 100,180 total miles on the vehicle.

On 4/24/2009 @ 124,871 miles & 3,356.1 Engine Run Hours the car was tested in accordance with California Smog Check regulations and again the results were better than required for a brand new 2001 vehicles.

Of course no "test" no matter how pre-planned, monitored or engineered, can predict with 100% certainty what will occur in real life day to day operation in vehicles in all types of service and in different climatic conditions, but our customers' experience with SynLube Products shows that SynLube™ Lube−4−Life® indeed delivers even more than what it promises = FREEDOM FROM OIL CHANGES !!!

2001 HONDA Accord V-6

Well, here is a LINK to yet another "Real Life" experience with SynLube™ Lube−4−Life® in one of our customer's car.

Another car goes 158,255 miles without oil changes !

SynLube™ Lube−4−Life® System makes it possible !

2001 HONDA Accord V-6
2001 HONDA Accord V-6
158,255 miles with SynLube™ Lube−4−Life® without Oil Change!

Update: 170,030 odo miles on October 19, 2013

2010 FORD Transit Connect Wagon 5 XLT

Four Years with SynLube
51,967 Miles in 1,483 Days WITHOUT OIL CHANGES !!!
SynLube™ Lube−4−Life® System makes it possible.

2010 FORD Transit Connect Wagon 5 XLT
Owned by: Star Irvine, North Hollywood, California USA
Synner since: 9/25/2009 @ 914 odo miles

Update: Traded-in @ 52,859 odo miles on October 16, 2013