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Oil Filters

SynLube™  Lube-4-Life®

Oil Filter 
Semi-Permanent replacement for Cellulose media Oil Filters

Oil Filter Element Detail


The SynLube™  Lube-4-Life®  Oil Filters may look the same as the conventional Oil Filters that they replace, but the similarity ends there.
The SynLube™  Lube-4-Life®  Oil Filters offer superior performance well beyond that of conventional oil filters, including:

Key Benefits

* when compared to Conventional Cellulose media Oil Filters,
   Test Results based on SAE J 1858 Testing Procedure

MicroGlass Oil Filter

Other Benefits

The SynLube™  Lube-4-Life®  Oil Filters outperform conventional filters in several key tests:


SynLube™  Lube-4-Life®  Oil Filter technology uses special synthetic glass microfibers that are about 10 times smaller than conventional cellulose filter fibers (shown below). This allows a full flow oil filter to have following performance:

Cellulose         MicroGlass
Typical Cellulose Filter Media                SynLube™ MicroGlass™ Media

Most manufacturers that make low cost filters do not disclose or advertise any data on their products filtration range or efficiency, but research done by General Motors indicates following:

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SynLube™ Lube-4-Life®  Oil Filters are made in USA for SynLube Incorporated by several different manufacturers and are made exclusively to our specifications.

SynLube Incorporated DOES NOT manufacture any Oil Filters.

SynLube Incorporated only carries Oil Filters in the inventory for ease of ordering by our cusomters and so that they can be assured that only PREMIUM quality Oil Filters are used in their vehicles along with SynLube™ Lube-4-Life® Motor Oil.

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